INFRA launches its own catalyst production
Jul. 8, 2015

INFRA launches its own catalyst production

On June 28, 2015 INFRA held the grand opening of its catalyst factory in Troitsk (Moscow). The pilot factory with the capacity of over 15 tons per year will develop and produce the unique proprietary Fischer-Tropsch catalysts developed by the company’s R&D division.

The factory will provide the high productivity catalysts to INFRA’s GTL plants, as well as develop industrial manufacturing procedure for the new modifications of the Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. In particular, INFRA is developing new catalysts which allow to generate higher proportion of the diesel or kerosene fraction.

Amongst others, the factory will supply the first modular transportable 100 barrel-a-day GTL unit for the production of synthetic oil, which the company is building in Houston, USA.