INFRA aims to become an internationally leading provider of economically viable GTL technology for the production of Clean burning synthetic fuels, in a Low Carbon plant design with an industry leading reduced carbon footprint.

Small-scale GTL units

Standard (100 and 500 barrels per day) compact modular Fischer-Tropsch blocks for GTL projects

Engineering, production and sales of small-scale (100 and 500 barrels per day) Fischer-Tropsch blocks for processing synthesis gas into synthetic crude oil and corresponding catalyst sales.

Technology licensing

Sale of technology licenses for full-scale modular GTL plants

Sale of technology use licenses, including process design packages, for the Fischer-Tropsch blocks for the GTL, BTL and CTL projects and corresponding catalyst sales.

Long-Term Strategy

Fuel production

Design, fabrication, construction and operation of synthetic fuel plants.

Engineering and equipment

Sale of serial GTL units, EPC contracts..