Coal is the world’s largest and most common fossil-based resource. Identified world coal reserves in 2005 exceeded 900 billion tonnes. Its known deposits are equivalent to 580 billion tonnes of oil, which is 3.5 times more than known deposits of oil itself. At the current rate of production, coal reserves will last for 120 years, gas for 60 years, whilst oil for 40 years only.


The majority of coal reserves is difficult and expensive to utilize because of environmental concerns and distance to traditional power markets.

All top countries with the largest coal deposits depend on oil import.


Due to its lower capital and operating costs, INFRA.xtl technology makes conversion of coal into liquid fuels in conjunction with any gasification technology, economically viable, providing a new source of clean energy and reducing respective countries’ dependence on oil.

  • gas
  • coal
  • bio
    • ft³

    • btu

    • Annual gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • million m³
    • million ft³
    • billion btu

    2 000

    Gas price


    • per thousand m³
    • per thousand ft³
    • per million btu



    $ 490 million CAPEX

    synthetic oil

    • tonnes

    • bbl

    • Annual capacity
    • Daily capacity


    • thousand

    • barrels

    Annual gross margin




    Oil price $ per barrel

    Oil price

    Brent price

    per barrel


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