Sustainable fuel

INFRA technology is an inexpensive method of producing fuels from renewable sources with a high degree of carbon efficiency. INFRA technology makes the production of sustainable synthetic fuels economically viable

The characteristics of synthetic oil obtained using INFRA's technology make it possible to obtain high-quality fuel that meets the most stringent environmental requirements. The product is completely free of aromatic compounds, sulfur and asphaltenes.

Applications for INFRA's high carbon efficiency products include:

• Environmentally friendly aviation fuel (SAF) from renewable raw materials;
• Renewable sulfur-free biodiesel and gasoline for environmentally friendly urban and other road transport;
• Environmentally friendly marine fuel in accordance with IMO 2020;
• Specialty chemicals.

Synthetic fuel is a premium product that improves engine performance, extends engine life and significantly reduces emissions.

Mixing a synthetic product into fuel produced from oil significantly reduces emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere: hydrocarbons - by more than 50%, particulate matter - by about 30%, carbon monoxide - by 35% and up to 15% nitrogen oxides.

In addition, it achieves about 1.5% diesel fuel economy.

Emissions Reduction (%)
Synthetic Fuel Blend (%)
  • gas
  • coal
  • bio
    • ft³

    • btu

    • Annual gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • million m³
    • million ft³
    • billion btu

    2 000

    Gas price


    • per thousand m³
    • per thousand ft³
    • per million btu



    $ 490 million CAPEX

    synthetic oil

    • tonnes

    • bbl

    • Annual capacity
    • Daily capacity


    • thousand

    • barrels

    Annual gross margin




    Oil price $ per barrel

    Oil price

    Brent price

    per barrel


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