Associated gas

Over 150 billion m3 of associated gas are flared and the same amount is vented annually, representing a huge waste of non-renewable natural energy resource, equivalent to 25% of the US’ or 30% of the EU gas consumption per year. Apart from financial loss, this adds 400 million tonnes of CO2 and other emissions, harmful to the environment.


Flaring is more and more unacceptable from political and environmental viewpoints. Monetization of associated gas requires either expensive gas infrastructure or large capital investment into LNG, CNG, DME, or methanol production and distribution, which makes it economically unviable. Gas re-injection or electricity generation have limited potential.


INFRA.xtl technology allows the building of low-cost and compact modular GTL plants on wells, or on clusters of wells, and makes processing associated gas economically viable. The plants convert associated gas into synthetic oil, mix it with mineral oil, and transport the mixture further, using the existing transportation infrastructure (pipelines, tankers or railways).

  • gas
  • coal
  • bio
    • ft³

    • btu

    • Annual gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • million m³
    • million ft³
    • billion btu

    2 000

    Gas price


    • per thousand m³
    • per thousand ft³
    • per million btu



    $ 490 million CAPEX

    synthetic oil

    • tonnes

    • bbl

    • Annual capacity
    • Daily capacity


    • thousand

    • barrels

    Annual gross margin




    Oil price $ per barrel

    Oil price

    Brent price

    per barrel


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