Offshore gas

A substantial fraction of natural gas resources are located offshore, like oil. Most of these reserves have not been considered economically viable due to the cost and complex logistics of gas exploration, production, and in particular, transportation. Examples include the Gulf of Mexico, Leviathan in the Mediterranean, and the North Sea.


Transportation of gas from offshore reservoirs is either, in many cases, impossible, or requires huge investments, such as LNG terminals and cryogenic tankers, or gas pipelines. Both ways are economically unviable, very complex and hazardous in construction, operation and maintenance, and in the case of gas pipelines, sometimes physically impossible.


INFRA.xtl process provides a feasible and economically attractive solution, enabling compact GTL plants on the offshore platforms, converting gas into liquid synthetic oil and transporting it by common oil tankers. This lowers the costs of transportation and storage and makes significant positive impacts on a number of environmental issues.

  • gas
  • coal
  • bio
    • ft³

    • btu

    • Annual gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • Daily gas flow
    • million m³
    • million ft³
    • billion btu

    2 000

    Gas price


    • per thousand m³
    • per thousand ft³
    • per million btu



    $ 490 million CAPEX

    synthetic oil

    • tonnes

    • bbl

    • Annual capacity
    • Daily capacity


    • thousand

    • barrels

    Annual gross margin




    Oil price $ per barrel

    Oil price

    Brent price

    per barrel


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