INFRA launches new pilot plant
Jul. 2, 2014

INFRA launches new pilot plant

INFRA has started commissioning process for the new, larger scale full cycle pilot plant. It represents the second generation of INFRA’s testing facility and is differentiated by high degree of automation and extensive data gathering system. The unit is capable of operating several reactors, including lab-scale test reactors for endurance tests, simultaneously.

The plant is intended as the main testing facility for further development of new Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. In particular, it will be used to develop enhanced catalysts, which allow to produce synthetic oil with higher content of diesel or kerosene fraction.

In addition, the pilot plant will be able to test Fischer-Tropsch process with different reactor sizes and in different layouts, intended for use in INFRA’s industrial-scale GTL plants.

The unit can be adapted to different single-tube and multi-tube reactors of up to 6000 mm in height.

The plant has been constructed in-house, by INFRA’s engineering and production group.

Previous pilot plant, built by company, was acquired by VNIIGAZ Gazprom LLC.