Apr. 7, 2014

INFRA featuring in the World Bank's GGFR report

The Global Gas Flare Reduction partnership, a World Bank-led initiative, published an updated report “Associated Gas Monetization via miniGTL. Conversion of flared gas into liquid fuels & chemicals.” For the first time, the report included INFRA in the review of new technologies, noting that the technology “seems to be making steep changes in both GTL-FT process performance and also in modularization”.

The GGFR partnership facilitates and supports national efforts to use currently flared gas by evaluating opportunities for small-scale gas utilization, sharing global best practices and implementing country specific programs, promoting effective regulatory frameworks and tackling the constraints on gas utilization, such as insufficient infrastructure and poor access to local and international energy markets, particularly in developing countries.

Its latest report makes a conclusion that “miniGTL options to extinguish flares have arrived and are here to stay”.