INFRA completes 6 month testing for its specialist Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst
Aug. 20, 2020

INFRA completes 6 month testing for its specialist Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst

INFRA have completed a 6 months production run of its proprietary 4th generation commercial grade S2 catalyst to further update its degradation profile and regeneration capacity over time.

The project used the cobalt based S2 FT catalyst manufactured by INFRA in its catalyst manufacturing facility.

The test was performed at INFRA’s MARK II pilot facility that models the full cycle of the GTL chemical process including the intake of pipeline gas, sulfur removal, steam methane reforming, syngas conditioning, and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. It is equipped with a 6-meter high shell tube reactor and full instrumentation to simulate heat build-up and removal.

INFRA’s 4th generation S2 catalyst produces NO HARD WAXES, and the test proved the production profile, degradation profile and robustness of S2 commercial catalyst design.

In particular, the long run test results show that the catalyst requires only mild inline rejuvenation at select periods every few months. Note that the classical 3rd generation FT catalysts need frequent hard rejuvenation (requiring plant shutdown) due to substantial wax generation, which leads to significant activity loss in the plant.

INFRA also tested the catalyst behavior in emergency shutdown situations.

INFRA’s state-of-the-art laboratory, catalyst factory and FT Pilot Plant can be viewed at:

In addition to the development of the proprietary Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, INFRA are currently performing a catalyst R&D project for Petronas, the national Malaysian oil and gas company.

INFRA’s team will share knowledge and expertise to deliver the optimum catalyst for the clients’ upcoming projects, concluding with commercial viability that will benefit the emerging production of NO WAX FT liquids for low carbon fuel development. INFRA are ready to deploy its commercial grade S2 FT catalyst to your project.


INFRA Technology Group is an innovation-based company, developing and commercializing advanced technologies that aim to profoundly alter energy, materials and resource systems worldwide. The patented INFRA’s technology represents the new generation of the classical Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process, differentiated by the use of the unique proprietary pelletized cobalt-based catalyst that produces a single liquid stream of synthetic crude oil, significantly reducing CAPEX in GTL plant construction and operation. INFRA's technology facilitates low-cost and compact modular GTL plants at the wells, landfill or renewable / bio gas production sites. The stable, single liquid product can be mixed with mineral crude oil and transported using the existing transportation infrastructure or upgraded to reduced emissions diesel, aviation or gasoline synthetic fuels.