INFRA Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst third party verification
Aug. 22, 2019

INFRA Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst third party verification

INFRA’s S2 catalyst was successfully tested at hte (Germany), a subsidiary of BASF and a leading provider of high throughput technology and services for a faster and cost-effective catalysis R&D. The evaluation sponsored by a major global O&G company.

Independent verification completes the proof of technology developed by INFRA’s R&D team and tested at our full-cycle pilot facility.

Testing confirmed that INFRA’s FT catalyst produces NO WAX single liquid product – synthetic oil. The product can be either blended with crude oil directly or distilled to create diesel and naphtha blend. INFRA’s synoil can be readily upgraded to ultra-high quality drop-in motor fuels with zero aromatics, zero sulphur and zero nitrogen.

Third party verification paves the way to the full-scale commercial demonstration at GWTI’s M100 plant in Houston and to the engineering of the go-to-market GTL solution for 500 barrels-per-day (5 million standard cubic feet of gas-per-day) and larger facilities.

Please find the full executive summary of the testing results at