INFRA Temporarily Suspends Operations at M100
Dec. 18, 2018

INFRA Temporarily Suspends Operations at M100

INFRA Technology LLC, a leading Fischer-Tropsch technology licensor and catalyst manufacturer, temporarily suspended operations at its M100 demonstration plant in Wharton, Texas. Continued start-up required additional funding and having carefully considered financial projections towards achieving positive cash flows versus available financing, INFRA’s shareholders made this decision.

So far, the plant has demonstrated the scalability of INFRA’s technology, enabled to acquire extensive technical, operational and commercial data and valuable experience, and contributed to development of INFRA’s further commercial projects.

The company continues to work on progressing its existing commercial projects in parallel with raising sufficient funds to complete the successful start-up of the M100 plant. 

The company believes that the M100 plant maintains its strategic value potential as foundation for demonstrating INFRA’s technology and licensing it to third parties.