Waste fish parts to power the ships
Nov. 26, 2018

Waste fish parts to power the ships

Marine industry leaders are constantly looking for a feasible ecologically friendly fuel source for their vessels. Waste fish parts can be used for biogas production and after an upgrade, to power the ships. As Daniel Skjeldam, the chief executive of Hurtigruten, said: “fishery and forestry are also large sectors. They create jobs and produce income, but they also produce a lot of waste products. The steady access to high volumes of organic waste gives the Nordic countries a unique position on the biogas market. We are pushing for more innovation, more investment. I believe we have just seen the beginning of what in a few years will be a huge sector.”

By 2020 the global limit for Sulphur content of ships’ fuel oil will be set at 0.5% m/m. That’s 7 times less than the current limit. Despite a cheapness of heavy fossil fuel oil, ocean-going transport will have to use an alternative low Sulphur fuel.

Due to its lower capital and operating costs INFRA.xtl technology will prove to be a useful add-on in conjunction with any bio-gasification technology economically viable, providing a new source of clean and renewable energy. INFRA’s premium synthetic fuels correspond to the highest ecological requirements and meet future IMO standards. INFRA’s synthetic oil easily mixes and can be blended with most fuel oils.