Air Quality Violations in Alaska
Sep. 14, 2018

Air Quality Violations in Alaska

As marine industry continues to grow, pollution from ships increases. Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) of Alaska had received 112 complaints this year. The number of air quality violations is higher than for the last three years combined according to DEC. "Norwegian Jewel" and "Amsterdam" were fined up to $50k this year. At least ten complaints to DEC were made about "Norwegian Pearl" exhaust stack last Tuesday, September 4th.

In 2015 Sulfur content has been restricted globally to 3.5%. Regulations are implemented to decrease this number to 0.5% (MARPOL Annex VI). Different compliance methods are offered to shipowners.  As an example, LNG meets sulfur regulations, but emits nitrogen oxides. Use of fitting exhaust systems with scrubbers leads to higher water pH levels. Engine modifications alone cannot meet Tier III levels, same as Humid air motor. Other after treatment systems are efficient but costly to implement and maintain.

INFRA’s s Premium synthetic fuel with zero sulfur dioxide emissions and zero nitrogen oxide emissions meets all current and future ecological requirements without any add-on cost or engine modifications.