Solution for Pollution or How Flaring Gas Problem Can Be Solved
Aug. 14, 2018

Solution for Pollution or How Flaring Gas Problem Can Be Solved

Texas Permian oil and gas flaring report reveals that the amount of wasted natural gas is so massive that it could be “enough to serve all of the household needs in Texas Permian counties for two and a half years”. This is a truly relevant issue nowadays as drilling has reached historically high levels and continues to grow. And, of course, it brings out a lot of associated gas flaring, and current infrastructure doesn’t have “enough pipelines to get the gas to markets”

Environmental defense energy experts do not recommend the act of burning associated gas into the air, suggesting the companies to bring in “gas-capturing technologies”. With technology currently available off the shelf, the need to burn associated gas into the air is no longer necessary.

INFRA Technology offers a cost-effective solution to the flaring gas problem. Its unique technology allows the building of low-cost and compact GTL plants on wells, or on clusters of wells, and makes processing associated gas economically viable. Thus, flaring of the associated gas can be converted into synthetic oil, mixable and easily transportable, turning pollution into useful and profitable solution.