All in One Alternative Fuel Solution
Aug. 11, 2018

All in One Alternative Fuel Solution

The leading fuels now used in automobiles, specifically gasoline and diesel, are originated from base crude. Industry experts have suggested several alternative fuels to meet the following targets: reduce air emissions, diminish reliance on crude oil, which is an imported, nonrenewable resource, and increase overall fuel use productivity.

Thus, it would require substantial changes in automotive design or in the distribution and marketing infrastructure to use most of the "alternative" fuels that do not meet all the targets at once. Examples are Ethanol and bio-diesel, that decrease dependence on petroleum, but are more expensive. CNG and LPG that are clean-burning gaseous fuels, but with low energy storage density and major engineering challenges in adapting the current internal combustion engine to use these fuels. On top of that is the cost of building new fuel station infrastructure, along with the obstacles in design, construction and environmental safety compared with current filling stations.

However, there is one alternative fuel to meet all the targets at once. Premium synthetic fuels produced using innovative new generation of GTL Technology developed by INFRA, correspond to the highest ecological requirements: zero aromatics, sulfur or nitrogen, high cetane number for diesel fuel and they do not require a major shift from current automobile design or infrastructure.