Industrial heat emissions problem
Aug. 3, 2018

Industrial heat emissions problem

For some time, there was a strong global demand for climate stabilization, cleaner air and universal access to modern fuels in most energy sectors. Yet, industrial heat is typically missing from energy analyses, as it is often generated on-site, making it more difficult to regulate.

Industrial heat makes up to 65% of industrial energy demand and continues to grow. It also creates most of the direct industrial carbon dioxide emitted each year, as most of the industrial heat originates from fossil-fuel burning. Its share in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions is projected to account for a quarter of global emissions by 2040.

Today’s industrial heat is created by fossil fuels, biomass and electricity use. Only very small amounts of renewable resources were used in certain sectors, mainly because of its high production costs. Fuel switching, using innovative “clean” products of 4thgeneration GTL technology by INFRA, can provide a transformative solution for industrial heat reduction, industrial carbon dioxide emissions, and is now a highly cost-efficient alternative.