Monetize “wasted” resources
Jul. 6, 2018

Monetize “wasted” resources

According to the federal government estimate, the industry is wasting up to $20 billion per year by venting / leaking methane to the atmosphere, which is not only causing heart and lung diseases, but also negatively affects global warming. Many energy companies are proactively making changes in their operational polices aimed toward cutting down on emission by implementing better equipment and new technologies. Substances discharged into the air come from malfunctioning well pads. The malfunctioning wells were "largely absent from EPA's inventory and scientists have uncovered a huge problem, but also an enormous opportunity," said Steven Hamburg, chief scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund.

The 4th generation of GTL Technology, developed by INFRA, provides energy companies with a great opportunity to monetize the wasted resources by converting “wasted” methane into premium quality synthetic product, easily upgradable to transportation fuels.