INFRA targets associated gas
Jun. 22, 2018

INFRA targets associated gas

Industry magazine "Neftegazovaya Vertical" published an article "INFRA targets associated gas".

GTL technology is well positioned to utilize associated petroleum gas by processing it into synthetic crude oil and transporting it by pipelines to the final destination. Despite this, the capital cost for the implementation of such technology has always remained high, and, therefore it was easier for the companies to simply burn this gas. Today, environmental regulations and the market have changed, and companies are forced to ensure the utilization of associated gas.

GTL technology developed by INFRA offers a solution to the problem, and in addition, increases the yield of the end product - oil - by 12-15% thanks to the catalyst developed by the company. INFRA’s proprietary catalyst produces environmentally friendly, high-quality product without solid waxes. In addition, INFRA’s modular design allows for the delivery of equipment pre-installed in the shipping containers with bolted connections, thus reducing on site construction costs, and facilitating technology application in remote locations.