Aiming at Flaring
May. 4, 2018

Aiming at Flaring

Environmentalists and regulators are continuously adding new rules and guidelines for oil companies to comply with, to meet or exceed the flaring goals. The incentives are in place to encourage oil and gas companies to limit natural gas from being burned on well sites, the technology is being offered to capture methane emission and either being stored or alternatively monetized this wasted gas into clean, premium product.

North Dakota state is being a center of oil production for many years and consequently gets on “fire” for not being able to capture wasted gas. “The regulations were adopted back in 2014, requiring oil companies to capture 85 percent of the gas by 2016, and 90 percent by 2020. They came after more than a third of the gas went up in smoke, drawing criticism from environmentalists and many residents who said the state was losing revenue from the wasted gas, and that it contributed to unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.”

There are consequences in form of fines and production limitations imposed by regulators, which will hurt profitability of the industry overall, then why not to consider available technologies which are assisting the industry in meeting set goals and "demonstrate the potential" of add-on value from wasted gas.