Pathway to decarbonization
Apr. 6, 2018

Pathway to decarbonization

Can carbon emission be avoided all together?

We can shift transportation from road to rail or provide electrical solution by redesigning the engines. What do we do with the decarbonization of air and sea transport? Despite our greatest efforts the CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided, and therefore we create alternative pathways to reduce the impact of the emission.

The GTL fuel has been recently introduced as transport fuel carrying several benefits and providing a feasible alternative. The GTL fuel allows to avoid costly modifications of engines, yet, fueling with clean-burning source. Road tests showed that GTL diesel produces 30% emissions compared to conventional diesel.

While GTL fuel is not widely available to the fueling stations yet, many companies are willing to invest into such cleaner alternative of the future fuel. INFRA’s current project in Northern Russia will supply the local region with much needed clean diesel and gasoline.

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