Grand Opening Of The First Commercially Feasible GTL Plant By INFRA
Dec. 30, 2016

Grand Opening Of The First Commercially Feasible GTL Plant By INFRA

Mark 100, transportable modular GTL plant is designed to convert 1 million cubic feet of natural gas to produce 100 barrels per day of clean burning liquid synthetic crude oil.

INFRA’s technology makes production of synthetic crude oil from natural gas economically feasible, ensuring that the GTL process is profitable even for small-scale units. Furthermore, Mark 100’s compact 4,000 square feet footprint and standard container size design makes it extremely transportable.

The new plant will serve as a demonstration of INFRA’s key competitive advantages, including low capital cost, single liquid product, and being self-sufficient in electricity and water, as well as an important reference for future applications of its GTL technology.

As INFRA’s CEO Kaan Akyalcin said during his speech at the Mark 100 Grand Opening Ceremony: “We are delighted to celebrate the Grand Opening of our Mark 100 plant in Wharton today. It is an important step for-and into-the future of our company. Our company would like to encourage and cultivate better utilization of the hydrocarbon resources worldwide. Mark 100 and other plants constructed in the future, based on our cutting-edge technology, will both help conserve the environment as well as make gas monetization through GTL feasible for oil and gas producers across the globe.”

Construction activities created over 50 new jobs, 20 of them being permanent jobs within the maintenance and operations department of the new plant.

The project was made possible in coordination and with assistance from the City of Wharton and Wharton County.

The Grand Opening event was attended by more than 40 guests, including Texas State, Wharton County, and City officials.