INFRA presented at the 2016 Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference
Oct. 22, 2016

INFRA presented at the 2016 Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference

INFRA made a presentation at the Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference in Vancouver, Canada on October 16-19, 2016.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Dmitry Popov, VP Commercial, emphasized the importance of INFRA’s technological advancement as a key element for profitable gas monetisation in the current market environment. The company’s unique proprietary catalyst produces premium light synthetic crude oil straight out of the Fischer-Tropsch reactor. High quality single liquid product that does not require hydrocracking and upgrading, and high process efficiency ensure economic feasibility.

INFRA’s synthetic crude oil is fully compatible with the existing conventional crude oil infrastructure, and can be upgraded to high value-added motor fuels – diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

As a result, INFRA offers a feasible solution and an improvement in economics of natural gas, coal, petroleum coke, biomass and waste gasification projects.

The advantages of INFRA’s technology will be demonstrated in its M100 GTL plant, which will be commissioned later this year in Wharton, Texas.


INFRA provides solutions for monetization of stranded gas fields, including remote, offshore and shale gas reservoirs, and offers a feasible solution to eliminating associated petroleum gas flaring. The company’s GTL units produce value-added light synthetic oil, fully compatible with the existing oil industry infrastructure, processes and technologies.

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