INFRA Technology presents at the Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals conference 2016
Sep. 15, 2016

INFRA Technology presents at the Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals conference 2016

INFRA Technology is presenting and holding an exhibition at the Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals conference, organized by Euro Petroleum Consultants in Moscow, Russia on September 19-20, 2016.

Speaking on behalf of INFRA Technology, Chief Technology Officer Dr. Vladimir Mordkovich will talk about the company's road to commercializing its next generation economically feasible GTL technology from lab experiments to commercial plant. He will share experience of the engineering, procurement and fabrication of the company's 100 BPD modular GTL plant in Wharton, Texas.

The plant is designed to produce synthetic oil, a premium product, which is easily upgradable to drop-in fuels. The unit itself is designed within the dimensions of standard shipping containers, which makes it easily transportable.

Process modules for INFRA’s GTL plant already started arriving on site and commissioning will begin shortly.

The 100 BPD GTL plant is a showcase for the breakthrough path to profitable gas monetization even in the current market environment.

INFRA provides solutions for monetization of stranded gas fields, including remote, offshore and shale gas reservoirs, and offers a feasible solution to eliminating associated petroleum gas flaring. The company’s GTL units produce value-added light synthetic oil, fully compatible with the existing oil industry infrastructure, processes and technologies.

About GTCC:

GTCC is a new format gas event that will focus on the different technology options in the treating and converting Natural Gas into more valuable products such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Fuels.

Leading industry experts will present best practices, share recent experience in implementing the latest technology developments for LNG, GTL, syngas, methanol, MTO, MTG among others, discuss alternative ways for NG Monetization, as well as Gas industry development forecasts in Russia and CIS.