INFRA presents economically feasible GTL technology at the NGCS
Jun. 30, 2016

INFRA presents economically feasible GTL technology at the NGCS

In June 2016 INFRA Technology attended the 11-th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium in Norway where Dr. Vladimir Mordkovich, INFRA’s Chief Technology Officer, presented “INFRA’s Economically Feasible Small - Scale GTL Technology”, and took the audience on the company’s journey from laboratory to an industrial plant. In his presentation Dr. Mordkovich outlined the key advantages of the company’s proprietary catalyst allowing to achieve higher productivity per catalyst volume and higher one-pass conversion, which makes INFRA’s technology several times more cost efficient that comparable processes.

Throughout the symposium the importance of development of efficient natural gas conversion technologies was identified as urgent and essential not only for energy production and sustainability of feedstocks for the chemical industry but also for protecting the environment.

Dr. Mordkovich made it clear that INFRA’s technology has been proven both at pilot and industrial scale and is ready for commercial deployment. INFRA’s technology offers opportunities for the end-use consumption of the natural and associated gas as synthetic oil, motor fuel (diesel and gasoline) and valuable feed for petrochemical production.