INFRA begins fabrication of its 100 BPD GTL plant
Apr. 15, 2016

INFRA begins fabrication of its 100 BPD GTL plant

INFRA Technology LLC is pleased to announce the start of the fabrication of its innovative modular 100 barrels-per-day GTL plant. The plant will produce synthetic crude from natural gas.

The plant is designed in the dimensions of the standard shipping containers, making it compact and easy to transport and operate.

The plant will serve as a demonstration of INFRA’s proprietary technology, which provides a solution to one of the industry’s most pressing problem – the economic feasibility of processing associated gas. Today, over 150 billion cubic meters of associated gas are either flared or vented annually, representing a huge waste of non-renewable natural energy resource. The amount equates to 20% of the American or 30% of the European gas consumption per year. Apart from the financial loss, this adds 300 million tons of carbon dioxide and other emissions, harmful to the environment. Today, the United States is the fifth biggest contributor to flaring.

Ready modules will be shipped to the industrial site in April. They will be assembled in the beginning of May, and the plant will be commissioned and started up later that month.

“The unique and elegant design of our plant enables a fast fabrication and assembly process, which allows our customers to turn their plant over to production quickly,” - said Mr. Kaan Akyalcin, INFRA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Given the industry’s need for efficient gas flaring reduction solutions, we expect to start mass production of such units. INFRA’s technology allows resource holders to unlock untapped potential by converting wasted resources into a valuable product. INFRA’s premium synthetic crude is fully compatible with the existing oil infrastructure and can be blended with natural crude oil in order to eliminate costly infrastructure expenses”.

INFRA Technology estimates the value of this EPCI project at $10 million.